• "The issue of Coexistence relates to the issue of what constitutes a civil society and how one maintains it. In Europe the issue is called "globalization," with many nations now asking "who is a Frenchman," "who is a Swede" and so forth after witnessing waves of new immigrants from the Muslim world, Asia and Africa. The Twin Cities is undergoing the same changes as Europe. It is no longer white bread America. Around the state of Minnesota and in various cities, studies have shown that there is a very high level of intolerance and racism."

    -Stephen Feinstein

  • Coexistence is giant outdoor art exhibition by the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem bringing the universal message of diversity and acceptance of the "other" to the world community. There are 42 artists in the exhibition from 18 countries, each visual image is accompanied by a text panel in four languages with quotes from leading thinkers, philosophers, writers and artists. The exhibition has traveld to over 30 cities.

    In  May-June, 2004 CHGS, the University of Minnesota and several community partners brougnt the exhibition to the Twin Cities. The theme of “coexistence” and was created to inform, motivate and create conversation by those who viewed it in the Twin Cities and all over the world.


Coexistence Exhibition in Berlin Summer 2001
Cedomir Kostovic, USA
Philippe Apeloig, France  
Lejla Bulja, Sarajevo
Lex Drawinski, Germany
Joram Rozov, Israel
Asim Abu-Shakra, Um el- Fachem  
Istvan Orosz, Hungary  
Shigeo Fukuda, Japan
Lex Drawinski, Germany
Yarom Vardimon, Israel
Dennis Paul, Germany
Mervyn Kurlansky, England
Shigeo Fukuda, Japan
Nammala Galada, South Africa
Takaaki Fujimoto, Japan
Sharon Etgar, Israel
Jaroslav Sura, Czech Republic
Lanny Sommese, USA
Yasuyuki Uno, Japan
Seymour Chwast, USA
Coexistence Exhibition in Berlin Summer 2001
  • Museum on the Seam
    Object Type:
  • Large Panel